Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Tudung Arzu Murah ??

Holla all Arzu fan and hardcore..

Enrty about Arzu on my blog has reached 3,000 view from readers .. wahhhh kome .. overwhelmingly interested in Arzu nampaknya... perhaps because there is no official website of Arzu, then many people had to find info about Arzu through pakcik google.. and pakcik google will direct you here.. its ok pakcik google..i dont mind :-)

I have good news for fans of Arzu shawl .. sekarang kome boleh beli shawl ala-ala Arzu but the prices farrrrrrrr cheaper than the one sold in Arzu boutique...it is not all "ala-ala Arzu" but some of them are "sebijik-sebijik" macam shawl kat Arzu tapi murahhhhhhhh dari harga kat Arzu..seriously..  tipu berdosa, so, trust me.. you can have my word.. 

Check out this Khadija Shawl Store official website to get proof of my above statement dan seterusnya boleh terus membeli-belah dengan gembiranya sebab you will save up  tp 70% kalau beli shawl yang similar to Arzu shawl kat Khadija Shawl Store ni..

Or kome bole LIKE page Khadija Shawl  to get latest updated on promotion..

Model Tak Rasmi Khadija Shawl Store is wearing Sofya Silk Lovely Shawl  

Color: Green
Material:50% Silk 50% Polyester
Size: 55cm x 180cm

Model Tak Rasmi Khadija Shawl Store is wearing Maya 100% Silk Embroidery Shawl
Color: Black
Material: 100% Silk
Size: 60cm x 180cm 

Khadija Shawl Store was managed by my sister in law.. so kome jangan risau..this is an online business that can be trusted.. you can save, secure, and certainly you will be satisfied..raya hari tu teman tak shopping walau selai pun kat Arzu..most of my tudung raya bought from  Khadija Shawl as the tokey brought back to our kampung a kodi of stok tudung Khadija Shawl.. am like a mad woman.. pilih pilih dan pilih whichever yang suit with my baju raya.. its was a big disaster to my pocket.. hahahaha... but no regret at all...worth buying..  enjoy shopping peeps!!!

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